Clint Smith

Clint Smith
– ITC Inter Training Consultants
– 1st Compant
– 1970-1980 Police Officer in Indiana
– 1973-1980 in charge of training
– 1978 Attended GunSite
I cant tell you that you WILL be in a LFI next week, but you can’t tell me you WON’T be.
So, how will you train for the next three days?
– 1978 Taught at Gunsite
– 1980-1983 with Jeff Cooper
– 1983-1993 Traveled Training (DEA,
– 1983 Started Urban Rifle Course
– 1986 Started Training for H&K
– 1993 Thunder Ranch, Curvul TX
“Repitition is the mother of Skill”

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